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Fabrication ultra-thin bonded semiconductor layers

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The invention uses implantation, typically hydrogen implantation or implantation of hydrogen in combination with other elements, to a selected depth into a wafer with that contains one or more etch stops layers, treatment to split the wafer at this selected depth, and subsequent etching procedures to expose etch stop layer and ultra-thin material layer.A method for making an ultra-thin material layer bonded to a substrate, has the steps: (a) growing an etch stop layer on a first substrate; (b) growing an ultra-thin material layer on the etch stop layer; (c) implanting an implant gas to a selected depth into the first substrate; (d) bonding the ultra-thin material layer to a second substrate; (e) treating the first substrate to cause the first substrate to split at the selected depth; (f) etching remaining portion of first substrate to expose the etch stop layer, and (g) etching the etch stop layer to expose the ultra-thin material layer.

Kub, Francis J.; Hobart, Karl D.
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Materials and Coatings
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854 days
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