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Strips for imparting low nonlinearity to high temperature superconductor microwave filters

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Based on its superconductive properties relating to “nonlineanty,” a conventional HTS strip is divisible into three “domains,” namely, a medial domain and two lateral domains. The nonlinearity associated with the conventional strip's medial domain is considerably greater than that which is associated with its lateral domains. Similarly divisible into a medial domain and two lateral domains, the present invention's HTS strip uniquely exploits these physical distinctions by causing more (e.g., most) of the current that it conducts to be conducted by its lateral domains. Various inventive designs accomplish this through narrowing or interruption/punctuation (e.g., via holes and/or trenches) or degradation, or some combination thereof, of the medial domain. By thus “re-proportioning” current conduction as compared with a conventional strip, an inventive strip succeeds in “re-proportioning” the associated nonlinearities. Consequently, the total nonlinearity associated with an inventive strip is significantly lower than that which is associated with a conventional strip.

Agassi, Yehoshua Dan
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Materials and Coatings
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