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Collaborative development network for widely dispersed users and methods therefor

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A White Board system permitting a plurality of users to collaborate with one another irrespective of the respective user's hardware platform or operating system, includes a server computer, and a plurality of client computers coupled to the server computer. Preferably, each of the client computers logs into the server computer and is thereby assigned a unique identifier, each of the client computers includes a graphical user interface (GUI) which selectively displays any combination of objects having active content, active hyperlinks, and text, each of the client computers transmits user-generated objects to the server computer for selective retransmission to respective one of the client computers, the server selectively controls transmission of all user-generated objects to respective ones of the computers responsive to the respective assigned identifier, and the server commands one of the client computers to update a new client computer when the new client computer logs into the server. A method for operating a computer network to facilitate collaboration between users and software for implementing the method are also described.

Simonoff, Adam J.
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