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Hyperbranched chemoselective silicon-based polymers for chemical sensor applications

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The invention provides a device for selective molecular recognition, the device comprising a sensing portion, wherein said sensing portion includes a substrate having coated thereon a layer comprising a hyperbranched compound having: (1) a polymer backbone portion that is at least partly randomly branched;(2) at least one pendant group extending from the polymer backbone portion; and(3) at least one halogen substituted alcohol or phenol group substituted at the pendant group(s) of the polymer backbone portion. The compound of the invention preferably has the general formula: wherein A is the hyperbranched backbone portion of the polymer; L and M are independently selected pendant groups of said polymer backbone;X and Y are independently selected halogen substituted alcohol or phenol groups;q and r are independently selected and at least 1; andn is at least 3. The device is used to detect the molecules of a hydrogen bond accepting vapor such as organophosphorus or nitroaromatic species.

Houser, Eric J.; Mcgill, Robert A.
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,595 days
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