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Minimizing the effect of 1/ƒ noise with a MEMS flux concentrator

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A method of fabricating a MEMS device includes forming a magnetic sensor over a SOI wafer which may include an epoxy layer; forming a pair of MEMS flux concentrators sandwiching the magnetic sensor; connecting an electrostatic comb drive to each of the flux concentrators; connecting a spring to the flux concentrators and the comb drive; performing a plurality of DRIE processes on the SOI wafer; and releasing the flux concentrators, the comb drive, and the spring from the SOI wafer. Another embodiment includes forming adhesive bumps and a magnetic sensor on a first wafer; forming a second wafer; forming a pair of MEMS flux concentrators, a pair of electrostatic comb drives, and at least one spring on the second wafer; bonding the second wafer to the adhesive bumps; and compressing the adhesive bumps using non-thermal means such as pressure only.

Edelstein, Alan S.; Pulskamp, Jeffrey S.; Pedersen, Michael
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Sensors and Measurement
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558 days
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