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Rudders for high-speed ships

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A high-speed water vessel including a steering arrangement for reducing cavitation and its effects. The arrangement includes a twisted rudder pair located downstream of a high-speed propulsor. The rudder pair may also be contoured at a bottom portion thereof. The propulsor has at least one propeller having a propeller diameter. In operation, the propulsor produces a slipstream that contracts with distance from the propeller. To avoid the effects of cavitation, the twisted rudder pair is positioned outside and adjacent to the slipstream diameter, with the rudders of the rudder pair separated by a distance that is less than the diameter of the propellers. The rudders of the rudder pair may be in a substantially parallel orientation with respect to each other. In gas turbine applications, the rudder pairs may be rotated towards each other to produce a rudder bucket for producing a negative thrust for stopping the high-speed water vessel.

Shen, Young T.; Ammeen, Edward S.; Gowing, Scott
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Handling and Transportation
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428 days
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