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Mobile loader for transfer of containers between delivery vehicles and marine terminal cranes

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A mobile loader is driven to a dockside location underlying the spreader bar of a marine terminal crane. A delivery vehicle such as a train or a truck is driven into the loader at such dockside location so that containers maybe transferred between the delivery vehicle and a platform located within the loader in lateral adjacency to the delivery vehicle. Motorized devices are provided for respectively transferring containers between the delivery vehicle and the platform, aligning the platform below the spreader bar, elevating the platform toward the overlying crane spreader bar to reduce its required descent for attachment to the container and aligning the crane spreader bar as it descends onto a container. A sensor grid is provided in the loader for sensing variations in size and location of containers on the delivery vehicle relative to a hoist and the crane spreader bar for controlling its adjustment to provide for precise placement of containers on the platform in underlying relation to the crane spreader bar by the motorized devices.

Rivera, Rafael; Clemmer, Christopher
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Handling and Transportation
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1,474 days
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