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Method for interpreting forces and torques exerted by a left and right foot on a dual-plate treadmill

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A method for interpreting data representing forces and torques exerted by a right and left foot on a first and second plate treadmill to determine forces and torques exerted on the right and left foot over a specified period of time. A plurality of signals is preferably analyzed to produce data readings from the first and second plates to determine an occurrence of feet contact on the plates and feet departure from the plates. The data from the signals is then separated into a side A dataset and a side B dataset. Each of the datasets is then matched to one of the individual's feet. The resulting determination of forces and torques exerted on the feet provides a more complete analysis of an individual's progress during injury or rehabilitation.

Frykman, Peter N.; Harman, Everett A.; Lafiandra, Michael E.
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