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Multiple-user graphical programming and analysis environment

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A multiple-user graphical programming and analysis environment is disclosed that includes graphically represented code objects, graphically represented inter-code object connections, application programs, and a graphical white board area. Each code object may be created by a user, and accessible by other users in an asynchronous fashion, in accordance with the security privileges of the other users. Each inter-code object connection represents data transfer between a pair of code objects. Each application program is made up of one or more chains of the code objects, interconnected via the inter-code object connections. The code objects are definable and movable within the graphical white board area, and the inter-code object connections are creatable within this area. The application programs are executable within the graphical white board area. The code objects, as well as the environment itself, may be developed in an architecture-independent and Internet web browsing program-independent computer programming technology, such as Java.

Simonoff, Adam J.; Hebert Jr., Julian B.
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IT and Software
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1,887 days
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