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Tandem shaped charge warhead having a confined forward charge and a light-weight blast shield

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A tandem shaped charge warhead having a forward charge and a rear charge mounted in tandem along a charge axis. The forward charge has a shaped charge liner with an explosive surrounding it, along with a metallic confinement housing surrounding the explosive and liner, with a retaining ring at the front to secure the liner to the confinement housing. The confinement housing has a cavity between the explosive and its' exterior surface which houses a booster and detonator. The rear charge is a conventional shaped charge warhead with a conical liner. A delay timing means is provided for imparting an activation delay in the detonations of the charges from the forward to the rear charge. In one embodiment, a lightweight blast shield is placed between the forward and the rear charge. The tandem system is capable of time delays which exceed the state-of-the-art by more than factor of four.

Walters, William P.
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Machines and Processing
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7,155 days
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