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Method and apparatus for 3-D sub-voxel position imaging with synthetic aperture radar

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A method and apparatus for determining three dimensional sub-voxel positions using synthetic aperture radar. The apparatus includes at least four non-coplanar, phase-coherent synthetic aperture radar (SAR) platforms comprising a plurality of phase-synchronized local oscillators cohered to a common reference clock, a first SAR platform of the SAR platforms operable to transmit a radar waveform, and the SAR platforms operable to receive scattered energy waveforms resulting from the radar waveform and operable to generate two-dimensional (2-D) SAR images based on the received scattered energy waveforms. The apparatus also includes a synchronizing processor operable to communicate with the SAR platforms and operable to synchronize a plurality of SAR transmission and receiving intervals for the SAR platforms. Optionally, the apparatus also includes an image-coregistration processor operable to receive at least four 2-D SAR images from the SAR platforms, and operable to generate a 3-D SAR image having 3-D voxel positions by coregistering the 2-D SAR images. Optionally, the apparatus also includes a sub-voxel position processor operable to calculate sub-voxel positions of single point scatterers from differential phase measurements on a given voxel across all of the SAR platforms.

Willey, Jefferson M.; Barnwell, William A.; Buss, James R.; Szu, Harold H.
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Sensors and Measurement
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918 days
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