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Inter-ship personnel transfer device and method of moving between compacted state and non-compacted state

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The present invention's vehicle, suitable for being hoisted while carrying people between destinations, is compactable and de-compactable. As typically embodied, the vehicle includes a box-shaped open frame, plural chairs, and a shock-absorbent base. The frame includes a rectangular floor panel, a rectangular ceiling panel, and four posts connecting the floor and ceiling panels. Each post is foldable via a medial hinge to half its unfolded length, and is attached in a hinged manner at its opposite ends to respective corner portions of the floor panel and the ceiling panel. Each chair is mounted on the floor panel and can be folded down to a position adjacent to the top surface of the floor panel using hinges variously connecting chair components including a seat, a chair back, two side safety restraints, and a chair support. The shock-absorbent base is solid or inflatable and is attached beneath the floor panel.

Gallagher, Sean M.; Ullman, Stuart G.; Hayleck, Ryan T.; Doyle, Christopher J.; O'dea, John F.; Anderson, Robert W.; Redcay, Kellie L.
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Handling and Transportation
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1,023 days
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