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System and method for centralized event warning notification for individual entities, and computer program product therefor

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An information system, method, and computer program product is provided for the centralized warning of existing or developing significant events and/or threats to affected users carrying a user warning and positioning device, while reporting the location of all user's carrying the user warning and positioning devices of the system to existing command and control systems. The present invention's future event warning capabilities permit those same affected users to be warned of impending events in enough time for the users to take positive actions in response to these events and/or address those events. The system of the present invention includes a pager-like user warning and positioning device, worn by or carried by the individual user, or mounted in a vehicle or vessel, having a geographical positioning means therein, which periodically transmits the geographical location of the individual user, vehicle or vessel, and listens for warning/notification event messages transmitted by a network bridge or situational awareness workstation and threat warning gateway (central processing means). When an event/threat warning is received by the user warning and positioning device, the pager-like user warning and positioning device alerts the user via indicia relative to the event/situation, including audible spoken warnings and instructions on how to react, and may retransmit the event/threat warning to other user warning and positioning devices in the network, provided the threat has not occurred and the event/threat warning has not been previously relayed.

Manz, Paul C.
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Control Systems
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1,182 days
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