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Smart sensor continuously adapting to a data stream in real time using both permanent and temporary knowledge bases to recognize sensor measurements

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As the present invention's adaptation process is typically practiced, an observation made by one or more sensing element(s) is classified as being either recognized or unrecognized in the context of a knowledge base. If the observation is classified as being recognized and consistent, then the observation is assimilated into the knowledge base; otherwise, it is not assimilated. If the observation is classified as being unrecognized, then the observation is classified as being uncorroborated in the context of the knowledge base. Prior to being classified as being uncorroborated, the unrecognized observation is categorized in the context of the knowledge base and is associated with an outcome in terms of relationship between/among physical parameters. At the time that corroboration is determined, the observation (originally unrecognized) and its categorization-related and association-related information are assimilated into the knowledge base.

Morales, Miguel A.; Haas, David J.
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IT and Software
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1,368 days
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