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Systems and methods for collecting particles from a large volume of gas into a small volume of liquid

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Systems and methods for collecting particles are provided. A representative system includes an aerosol-into-liquid collector that stores a collection liquid. The aerosol-into-liquid collector also includes a container, a gas inlet, a gas outlet and a source of vacuum pressure such that, when the source of vacuum pressure provides vacuum pressure at the gas outlet, gas with particles entrained therein is drawn into the container through the gas inlet. A well holds a volume of the collection liquid such that at least some of the particles entrained in the gas collide with the collection liquid and adhere thereto. Gas drawn into the container impinges upon an exposed surface of the collection liquid in the well. Forces exerted by the gas do not tend to push the collection liquid out of the well or cause the collection liquid to break into multiple droplets.

Hill, Steven C.
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Biotechnology and Healthcare
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1,215 days
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