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Systems and methods for analyzing acoustic waves

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Systems for analyzing acoustic waves are provided. An exemplary system includes a housing, multiple acoustic passageways and an acoustic sensor. The housing defines an interior cavity. The multiple acoustic passageways communicate acoustically between the interior cavity and an exterior of the housing. Each of the acoustic passageways has an inlet port and an outlet port, with each outlet port being located within the housing to direct a portion of an acoustic wave to the interior cavity. The acoustic sensor is mounted within the interior cavity and is operative to receive portions of an acoustic wave directed to the interior cavity by the acoustic passageways. The acoustic sensor also is operative to provide information such as direction of arrival information corresponding to a composite waveform formed by acoustic interference, within the interior cavity, of the portions of the acoustic wave. Methods and other systems also are provided.

Scanlon, Michael V.
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Sensors and Measurement
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882 days
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