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Electrochemical test apparatus and method for its use

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An electrochemical electrode probe includes an elongated body of a porous material disposed in a housing. The porous material is permeated with an electrolyte. A body of electrode material surrounds the porous body and functions as one electrode of an electrochemical system. A portion of the elongated body of porous material projects beyond the electrode body and functions to establish ionic and electrical conductivity with a sample of material which is to be tested. The sample of material functions as a working electrode, and the electrode body of the probe functions as a counter electrode/reference electrode. Further disclosed is an electrochemical analysis system which includes the probe and a support plate operable to retain a plurality of samples of test material thereupon. The probe is moved across the plate to sequentially measure the electrochemical properties of the various samples of material. Also disclosed are methods for using the system.

Jiang, Rongzhong; Chu, Deryn
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,070 days
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