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Computer implemented program, system and method for medical inventory management

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A system and method for estimating needed medical supplies based on a selected predefined operational scenario. A predefined operational scenario may be modified, a new operational scenario may be built, or a predefined operational scenario may be imported from an external source. A computer-readable program, system and method is provided for enabling a user to produce a query concerning relationships between patient conditions, tasks and medical supplies needed in specific locations. The production of a report or query is performed by referencing a database containing data pertaining to patient conditions, functional locations at which patients are to be treated (triage, operating room, etc.), equipment available in defined functional areas, tasks associated with treatment of defined patient conditions, medical supplies needed to carry out each defined task, and relationships therebetween, and determining needed medical supplies based on use data input and data contained in the database.

Konoske, Paula; Galarneau, Michael; Pang, Gerald; Daly, Tim
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IT and Software
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2,826 days
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