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Quick release gun sight adapter

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The quick release gun sight adapter includes a scope adapter, a red dot sight adapter, a locking block, a spring loaded ramped blade, and a spring loaded latch piston. The red dot sight adapter is attachable to a red dot sight and the ramped blade is attached to the red dot sight adapter. The ramped blade is rotatably attachable to the scope adapter, and the scope adapter is rotatably adapted to hold the ramped blade such that when the ramped blade is attached to the scope adapter, and the ramped blade and the red dot sight adapter are rotated the ramped blade engages the locking block and locks the ramped blade into place. The piston communicates with the locking block such that when actuated the piston engages the locking block such that the ramped blade and red dot sight adapter may be rotated and unattached from the scope adapter.

Liebig, Michael T.
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Machines and Processing
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1,587 days
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