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Method and system for forming an image with enhanced contrast and/or reduced noise

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A method and system for generating images from projection data; a preferred embodiment comprising inputting projection data from at least one receiving element; generating a first aperture or array of data points containing positional and signal data; arbitrarily and/or randomly removing data points from the first array to form a series of subarrays comprising different sets of data points; generating preliminary images from the subarrays; comparing the corresponding image pixels from two preliminary images to determine for each pixel location the lesser or equal pixel values; forming a merged image from the lesser or equal pixel values; and repeating the comparison of corresponding image pixels of another preliminary image to the merged image to determine the lesser or equal pixel values until a merged image of the desired quality is obtained. A preferred embodiment of the system may comprise at least one processor, comparator and/or image generator.

Nguyen, Lam Huy; Sichina, Jeffrey P.
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Sensors and Measurement
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643 days
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