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Baseline comparative leading indicator analysis

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According to typical inventive practice, a baseline describing a statistical distribution is established for a set of historical occurrences of an event. Comparison is made between the baseline and at least one current occurrence of the same event. Any current occurrence that is anomalous vis-à-vis the baseline is considered a possible leading indicator. According to some inventive embodiments of graphical presentation of such comparison, at least one graphical baseline comparative display component is rendered that includes a “bar” (describing a historical statistical distribution with respect to a criterion pertaining to occurrence of an event) and a “slider” (describing one or more current occurrences of the event). The bar includes at least one band representing a statistical mean range, and at least one band representing a statistical outlier range. Situation of the slider along the bar indicates whether and to what extent the current occurrence(s) is/are anomalous vis-à-vis the baseline.

Silberg, Eric J.; Nguyen, Phong Hua; Everson, Daniel P.; Bi, Naipei P.
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IT and Software
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999 days
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