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Design of a flush inlet as integrated with a ship hull for waterjet propulsion

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The present invention's methodology for designing a fluid propulsion intake configuration of a marine vessel considers the integral geometry of the inlet together with a portion of the hull, with respect to which the inlet's entrance opening is flush. The inventive methodology typically includes definition of an inlet reference line (an “axial” description, straight and/or curved, of the inlet), cross-planes (each of which perpendicularly intersects the inlet reference line), a footprint (a planar outline of the inlet's entrance opening), an inlet shaping line (a projection of the footprint onto the hull portion), inlet flow lines (angularly spaced about the circumference of the inlet shaping line, each connecting the cross-planes), two fairing reference curves (one at the inlet's entrance opening and the other on the hull portion, thereby demarcating a fairing therebetween that is consistent with the inlet flow lines), and a lip nose (at the inlet's entrance opening).

Dai, Charles M.; Tseng, Carol L.
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Handling and Transportation
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1,917 days
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