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Air conditioning system

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An air conditioning system that includes desiccant compartments for holding a desiccant; a heat exchanger, a blower and a vessel. The heat exchanger can be filled with a heat transfer medium, while the blower blows ambient air by the heat exchanger such that the blown air is cooled and the heat exchanger is warmed such that thermal energy increases and is transferred from the air to the heat transfer medium causing the heat transfer medium to turn into vapor. The vapor is then diffused to one of the desiccant compartments such that the vapor is adsorbed onto the desiccant creating a mixture. Then an energy source is applied to the mixture such that the vapor and desiccant are separated. The separated vapor is transported to the vessel where it is condensed and then sent back to the heat exchanger, such that the system is able to be continuously operating.

Kaufman, Jonathan William; Coleman, Stephen M.; Barot, Ravikant T.
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Thermal Systems
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896 days
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