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Method and system for observing a subject at a first location based upon quantum properties measured at a second location

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A preferred embodiment comprises a method and system for (a) detecting objects or targets which may or may not be nonreflective to electromagnetic radiation, and/or (b) generating an image of a subject or area, comprising generating an entangled photon pair beam; splitting the entangled photon pair beam into first and second parts; the first parts being directed in a first direction towards a first location, and the second parts being received into a measuring device; measuring the physical characteristics of the conjugate second parts to determine whether or not the first parts have encountered the presence or absence of an object at the first location in combination with the time that the first part takes to enter the first location. The method and system incorporate a photon beam in a reference path that never directly interacts with the object yet is determinative of presence or absence of an object at the first location. The splitting of the entangled photon pair beam occurs prior to the first parts being absorbed by said object, and the measuring of the characteristics of the conjugates occurs subsequent to the splitting of the entangled photon beam.

Meyers, Ronald Everett; Deacon, Keith Scott
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