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Gear-type drink-o-meter to monitor fluid consumption

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An apparatus for monitoring the consumption of fluid by a user, particularly fluids being drank from a container. The apparatus may be used with wide variety of container types. The fluid monitoring unit uses a pair of gears in rotational engagement with each other such that fluid passes around them and rotation of at least one gear is indicative of fluid consumption. The gears in at least one exemplary embodiment are arranged to have low frictional resistance with respect to each other and their respective axles such that the gears quickly and easily rotate and over a wide fluid flow range. This allows the apparatus to accurately and consistently monitor fluid flow from very low flow rates to high flow rates and therefore provide very reliable consumption information. The apparatus in one exemplary embodiment includes an electromagnetic drinking straw embodiment that allows a user to monitor the consumption of fluids from virtually any container type.

Hoyt, Reed Wasson; Montain, Scott James; Wollowitz, Michael H.; Hickcox, Matthew Stevens
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,537 days
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