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Method of distributed estimation using multiple asynchronous sensors

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A method and system are provided for merging data from a plurality of multiplexed measurement sources to a decision-maker. The method includes operations for receiving a corresponding plurality of measurements of the data, processing each measurement to respectively obtain local state estimates and local error covariances, determining a corresponding plurality of lag periods, offsetting each of the corresponding event times, supplying to a track fusion center the local state estimates and the local error covariances for summing the pluralities of the local state estimates as a fusion state estimate and the local error covariances as a fusion error covariance. The measurements to be fused are each acquired from its respective source and correspond to an associated sampling period within an acquisition interval. The lag periods represent a wait duration for obtaining the corresponding local state estimates and local error covariances. The system correspondingly includes a receiver to obtain the plurality of measurements, a set of associated processors to analyze the measurements and provide their local state estimates and the local error covariances; a time-offsetter to determine corresponding lag periods and displace each of the event times accordingly, and the track fusion center.

Alouani, Ali T.; Gray, John E.; Mccabe, Denis Hugh
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,383 days
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