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Electrochemical biosensors, applications and methods of making biosensors

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Electrochemical biosensors, methods of making biosensors and methods of detecting a target analyte in a sample to be analyzed are provided. A preferred embodiment device comprises a non-conductive polymer deposited on the electrode to form a matrix material having a plurality of pores; a capture biomolecule immobilized on the electrode such that the binding of the target analyte to the capture biomolecule effectively blocks a sufficient number of pores in the matrix material to produce a measurable decrease in the rate of a redox reaction occurring at the electrode; a current source for driving a redox reaction at the electrode; a redox species in contact with the electrode; and a detector element operatively connected to the electrode to detect the measureable decrease of a change in the rate of a redox reaction occurring due to the blockage of pores in the matrix material by the target analyte.

Sumner, James J.
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,925 days
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