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Modular helmet-mask assembly

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A modular helmet-mask assembly for protecting a user's head and face from hazards such as from chemical and biological warfare agents. The invention includes an impact resistant helmet; a face protection assembly, which can be attached and detached from the helmet; and a transparent, impact resistant lens. The face protection assembly includes an impact resistant face protection shell with a vision port, through which the transparent lens can be positioned; a flexible nosecup assembly positioned to engage the mouth and nose of the user, which also includes a breathe-through airflow assembly and filter unit; and a flexible face seal which surrounds the nosecup assembly and lens and engages the face of the user. An adjustable head harness is attached to the shell or face seal, for adjustably securing the face seal and nosecup to the user's face to maximize comfort and protection while preventing fogging of the lens.

Grove, Corey M.; Chase, Stephen E.
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