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P-N junction for use as an RF mixer from GHZ to THZ frequencies

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This disclosure describes a semiconductor device that can be used as a mixer at RF frequencies extending from a few tens of GHz into the THz frequency range. The device is composed of narrow bandgap semiconductors grown by solid source molecular beam epitaxy. The device can comprise a GaSb substrate, a AlSb layer on the GaSb substrate, a In0.69Al0.31As0.41Sb0.59 layer, on the AlSb layer and wherein the In0.69Al0.31As0.41Sb0.59 comprises varying levels of Te doping, a In0.27Ga0.73Sb layer on the In0.69Al0.31As0.41 Sb0.59 layer, wherein the In0.27Ga0.73Sb layer is Be doped, wherein the first section of the In0.69Al0.31As0.41Sb0.59 layer has is Te doped, wherein the second section of the In0.69Al0.31As0.41Sb0.59 layer has a grade in Te concentration, and wherein the third section of the In0.69Al0.31As0.41Sb0.59 layer is Te doped.

Magno, Richard; Ancona, Mario; Boos, John Bradley; Champlain, James G.; Newman, Harvey S.
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Materials and Coatings
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924 days
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