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LADAR transmitting and receiving system and method

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A compact LADAR transmitting and receiving apparatus includes a pulse laser generating pulses of light; a transmitter collimating and directing the pulses of light toward a target; a receiver collecting reflected pulses of light, the reflected pulses of light having been reflected from the target, the receiver comprising a tapered fiber bundle; a sensor operatively connected to the tapered fiber bundle, where the sensor comprises a photosensitive region and outputs a photocurrent; an amplifier amplifying the photocurrent; and a power divider splitting the amplified photocurrent between a high gain channel and a low gain channel; a RF interface accepting the high gain channel, the low gain channel, and an undelayed sample of a pulse of light generated from the pulse laser as input; a processing unit accepting output from the RF interface; and a display unit displaying output from the processing unit.

Stann, Barry Lee; Giza, Mark M.; Lawler, William B.
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Sensors and Measurement
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803 days
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