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Method and apparatus for measuring electrical impedance of thin fluid films

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According to typical inventive practice, the relative positioning of two press members is mechanically adjustable so that their respective flat surfaces remain parallel at selectively closer or further distances apart. During immersion or partial immersion of the two press members in a fluid of interest, a fluid sample is bounded by the two opposing flat surfaces. The present invention can thus achieve small thicknesses of its fluid samples, which represent “thin fluid films” suitable for measurement of one or more electrical characteristics (e.g., impedance, or impedance-related characteristics such as permittivity). Data acquisition can be performed by generating electrical pulses and receiving data signals from probes contiguous with the fluid sample. Measurements can be taken of fluid samples characterized by varying thicknesses and/or varying pressures. As distinguished from conventional methodologies, which are beset with “bubble-bursting” transience and fragility, the inventive methodology provides thin fluid films that are stable and robust.

Smith Jr., Jerry Rosson
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Sensors and Measurement
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1,265 days
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