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Intensity modulated fiber optic hydrophones

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A fiber optic hydrophone has a reflective diaphragm having an exposed face and a reflective protected face, at least one transmitting multimode optical fiber having an end spaced apart from the protected face of the diaphragm positioned to emit light toward the diaphragm housing, and a reservoir. A cavity is defined by the diaphragm and the interior surface of the housing. Silicone oil and a compliant elastomeric material with embedded air bubbles are located in the cavity. Ports between the cavity and the reservoir and the reservoir and the exterior of the hydrophone allow static pressure communication between the cavity and the exterior of the hydrophone. The fiber optic probe can have one transmitting multimode optical fiber and six receiving multimode optical fibers, or more or fewer optical fibers. A grating can protect the diaphragm from environmental damage.

Lagakos, Nicholas; Bucaro, Joseph A.; Jarzynski, Jacek; Jarzynski, Legal Representative Barbara
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Sensors and Measurement
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147 days
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