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Microfabricated gas chromatograph

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The present invention is generally directed to a microfabricated gas chromatograph column having two patterned substrates, each optionally having a stationary phase material coating, bonded together to provide a continuous flow channel. The flow channel can have a serpentine arrangement or a modified serpentine arrangement comprising alternating series of consecutive turns in one direction where each series has enough turns to move carrier gas and analyte molecules from the center of the column cross section to an outer wall of the channel or from one outer wall of the channel to the opposite outer wall. Different portions of the substrates can be coated with differing thicknesses of stationary phase material and/or with different stationary phase materials. The column can have a circular cross-section or a semi-circular cross-section where the flat portion of the cross-section has grooves. Also disclosed is the related method of making the microfabricated gas chromatograph column.

Mcgill, Andrew R.; Pai, Rekha; Mott, David R.; Stepnowski, Jennifer L.; Nguyen, Viet
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Biotechnology and Healthcare
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1,047 days
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