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Method and apparatus for utilizing magnetic field modulation to increase the operating frequency of sensors

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A system for modulating a magnetic field sensor device comprising: a base; a magnetic sensor comprising a plurality of magnetic components; at least one coil for creating a magnetic field around the magnetic sensor; the at least one coil adapted to be connected to an alternating current source that passes through the coil to modulate the magnetic field at the magnetic sensor and drive at least one of the magnetic components of the magnetic sensor into and out of its region of increased magnetic response while shifting the frequency of the magnetic field that is sensed by the magnetic sensors a higher frequency to thereby minimize 1/f-type noise, where f is the frequency of operation of the magnetic sensor. The method comprises forming at least one coil around the magnetic sensor; connecting the coil to an alternating current power source; and modulating the current from the power source.

Edelstein, Alan Shane
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Sensors and Measurement
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301 days
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