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Method and system for lidar using spatial information from a light source in combination with nonspatial information influenced by the subject to derive an image

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A method and system for at least three dimensional imaging comprising a processor for processing information; at least one photon light source generating a beam of light; a modulator for modulating the light of the at least one photon light source; a plurality of first receivers operative to detect the influence of a subject on the beam; the plurality of first receivers being operatively connected to the processor and operating to transmit nonspatial information to the processor; the plurality of first receivers being spaced at known, different distances from the subject, whereby comparison of each of the outputs of the plurality of first receivers provides three dimensional information concerning the subject; the processor operating to correlate the outputs of the plurality of first receivers with spatial information derived from the modulated light at correlating intervals of time to create a three dimensional image of the subject.

Meyers, Ronald Everett; Deacon, Keith Scott
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Sensors and Measurement
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785 days
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