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Three dimensional imaging method and apparatus

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Three-dimensional imaging techniques are used for a visualization method and apparatus. In a preferred embodiment, terrain data is displayed as a series of pixels—areas of terrain elevation data. Individual pixels are analyzed to determine whether they are locally smooth or “warpable” relative to their surrounding neighbor pixels. Those pixels that are locally relatively “smooth,” i.e., those satisfying a given set of criteria, are joined with adjacent neighbor pixels by a process referred to herein as “warping” to create “smooth,” gap-free surfaces. A preferred embodiment includes drawing or generating lines between the centers of two pairs of adjacent pixels to determine a slopes m1 and m2 respectively. The slopes m1 and m2 are then analyzed using the following equations/determinations: |m1∥≦mmax; |m2∥≦mmax; and |m1−m2|≦Δmax; i.e., the slopes m1 and m2 must each be less than or equal to a predetermined threshold mmax and the difference between the slopes must be less than or equal to a predetermined difference Δmax.

Dammann, John F.
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IT and Software
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