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Intruder detector and classifier

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A method and system for detecting and classifying intruders is provided. A noise threshold can be determined and set based on background noise. A seismic sensor can be configured to receive a plurality of seismic data signals. A microcontroller can be configured to count the number of times the noise threshold is exceeded over a defined time interval by the plurality of seismic data signals, and then detect and classify the presence of an intruder based on the count. Additionally, an amplitude evaluation module can be configured to determine a signal amplitude for the seismic data signals associated with the detected intruder and compare the detected intruder signal amplitude to known signal amplitudes in order to determine a sub-type of the intruder. Finally, a transmission source can be configured to transmit intruder detection and classification information to a remote location.

Herdic, Peter C.; Baden, Robert M.; Houston, Brian H.; Frank, Phillip A.; Berdoz, Alain R.; Byers, Jeff M.
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Control Systems
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1,224 days
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