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Apparatus and system for a quasi longitudinal mode electro optic sensor for high power microwave testing

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An apparatus, for measuring an applied electrical field and for reducing perturbation to the electrical field being measured, includes a laser integrated into an electro optic crystal sensor head prior to the output fiber. A probe beam is passed along the crystal direction of low birefringence of nearly circular optical indicatrix, rather than one of high EO modulation. The EO crystal is placed between two crossed polarizers and oriented such that a small tilt angle is subtended between its optic axis and the path of the probe beam. Improved optical coupling is achieved by using a large core multimode fiber at the output, to reduce optical insertion losses. A collimating lens emits the intensity modulated laser beam back to a photodetector, where the intensity modulated laser beam is converted to an electrical signal representing both field strength and phase of the electrical field applied to the sensor head.

Wu, Dong Ho; Garzarella, Anthony
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Sensors and Measurement
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936 days
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