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Method and apparatus for non-line-of-sight imaging of a first area using photons detected from a second area

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A system for imaging information comprising a spatial receiver, a chaotic photon light source comprising a first beam directed at a first predetermined area containing an object, and a second beam received by the spatial receiver and measured at specific intervals in time; the spatial receiver transmitting spatial information correlated to specific intervals of time to a processor; and a first receiver detecting the influence of the object on the first light beam; the first receiver not being in the line of sight with the first predetermined area and adapted to detect light from a second predetermined area spaced from the first predetermined area, the at least one processor operating to correlate the outputs of the first receiver with spatial information derived from the spatial receiver at correlating intervals of time to create an image of the object and a method for practicing the invention.

Meyers, Ronald Everett; Deacon, Keith Scott
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Sensors and Measurement
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558 days
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