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Radio frequency integrated circuit for enhanced transmit/receive performance in low power applications and method of making the same

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A radio frequency integrated circuit (and method of making) for enhancing wireless communication and/or sensing systems comprising a base comprising a gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrate; a binary phase shift keying modulator fabricated on the base; a power amplifier fabricated on the base and operatively associated with the binary phase shift keying modulator; the power amplifier having a first shunt operatively associated therewith; a transmit/receive switch fabricated on the base, the transmit/receive switch being operatively associated with the power amplifier and being alternately connectable to an antenna port adapted to be connected to an antenna; a low noise amplifier fabricated on the base; the low noise amplifier being alternately connectable to the antenna port, the low noise amplifier having a second shunt operatively associated therewith; the circuit operating in a transmit stage in which the power amplifier is connected to the antenna port and in a receive stage in which the low noise amplifier is connected to the antenna port; whereby in the receive stage the power amplifier is bypassed by the first shunt to reduce current consumption and substantially isolate the receive stage from the transmit stage; and in the transmit stage the low noise amplifier is bypassed by the second shunt to reduce current consumption and to substantially isolate the transmit stage from the receive stage.

Penn, John Edward; Mitchell, Gregory Allen
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