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Transformable teleoperated amphibious fuel truck

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According to typical practice of the present invention, a vehicle is remotely controlled and is travelable both in water and on land. The vehicle has two liquid-containment components that are situated generally one above the other. Pumping devices bring about transfer of cargo liquid (e.g., fuel or water) from either component to the other component. In accordance with the liquid transfer, the vehicle turns over, about its longitudinal axis, between two generally opposite buoyant positions, each of which is stable and viable for marine navigation. When the flow of the liquid sufficiently shifts weight from one component to the other, the vehicle inverts; that is, the emptying component flips from the bottom to the top, and the filling component flips from the top to the bottom. One of the buoyant positions of the vehicle is characterized by wheels for amphibiously transitioning the vehicle from water travel to land travel.

Karafiath, Gabor
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Handling and Transportation
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837 days
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