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Radar antenna safety brace

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A safety brace for supporting a radar antenna platform movable to an elevated tilted position by a drive shaft having a movable first member and a second member, wherein the first member is movable toward and away from the second member. The safety brace has an elongated cylindrical tube formed of two separable half tubes. Three spaced apart separable coupling brackets are secured to the half tubes across a seam. When the separable brackets are closed, the half tubes are kept in a closed configuration. Two hinged coupling brackets are secured to the half tubes along the opposite seam. Flanges disposed at each of the ends of the elongated tube are configured to abut against the movable first and second members of the drive shaft. The safety brace has gussets secured between the flanges and adjacent outer surface portions of the half tubes. A safety brace system and a method of operating the safety brace are also disclosed.

Bednarz III, Edward T.; Causer, Bryan J.
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Handling and Transportation
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922 days
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