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Dynamic simulation of a system of interdependent systems

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Interdependencies between pairs/groups of individual systems are evaluated in determining the composition of a universal system of interdependent systems. Data tables reflecting the interdependencies are contained in a central database resident in a server's memory. Plural/multiple computers are connected to the server, each computer having running thereon at least one simulation program, each simulation program being associated with at least one individual system and being characterized by individual time steps. In each individual time step, the simulation program updates (reads data from and writes data to) the central database, and displays updated information. In each universal time step (characterizing the simulation of the universal system), all simulation programs are temporally coordinated so that each simulation program's individual time step takes place once; no universal time step is perfected until every individual time step has completed its updating of pertinent data in the central database.

Dalessandro, Donald D.; Longo, Donald R.; Brown, Kevin J.; Zink, Michael G.; Ferrese, Frank T.
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IT and Software
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1,586 days
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