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Method and apparatus for tracking a frequency-hopped signal

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A frequency hopping signal receiving system comprising: a receiver for extracting discrete-time samples from the signal; a memory connected to the receiver for storing the extracted discrete-time samples from the signal; at least one processor operatively connected to the memory for: determining a state-space vector that captures relevant information to describe the dynamics of the signal; selecting a parameter to represent the probability of hopping associated with the signal; generating particle filters to estimate unknown parameters in the state-space vector based upon the extracted discrete-time samples by generating random particles that approximate the filtering distribution having importance weights; specifying the importance function in closed-form in a convenient mixture representation, which enables drawing particles and updating the importance weights; constructing an estimator to generate hop particles based upon observing at least one sample hop and then evaluating the estimator using a conditional expected value; using a spectrogram to generate particles in conjunction with an importance function; and estimating the hop frequency, hop time, and amplitude parameters, and a method thereof.

Tsakonas, Efthimios E.; Sidiropoulos, Nikolaos D.; Swami, Ananthram
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