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Thermal management smart valve with rupture detection and isolation

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The condition of a fluid piping system is monitored by multiple intercommunicative smart valves, each executing a computer algorithm that designates smart valves as critical or non-critical, compares measurement data versus simulation data, and makes decisions based on the critical-or-noncritical designations and the measurement-versus-simulation comparisons. Initial measurement-versus-simulation comparisons are made for downstream pressure, flow rate, and temperature. If a measurement-versus-simulation discrepancy is found in either the downstream pressure or the flow rate, then the algorithm compares a measurement rupture determinant versus a simulation rupture determinant; if a measurement-versus-simulation discrepancy is found in the rupture determinant, then the smart valve is closed. If a measurement-versus-simulation discrepancy is found in the temperature, then the smart valve, if non-critical, is closed; however, if the smart valve is critical, then the nearest upstream non-critical smart valve is closed. Any measurement-versus-simulation discrepancy results, at least, in an alarm or warning.

Longo, Donald R.; Dalessandro, Donald D.; Dong, Qing; Ferrese, Frank T.; Roach, John M.; Zink, Michael G.
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Mechanical and Fluid Systems
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1,033 days
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