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Method and system for image registration and change detection

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A system and method for detecting changes by comparing images which cover the same physical area but are collected at different times, the system comprising: at least one input for inputting an image of a target area; the image of the target area having signatures representing outstanding features; at least one processor operating to divide the image of a target area into a plurality of target subimages; at least one memory comprising reference data comprising reference subimages taken at or near the target area at various times, the at least one processor operating to determine a sparse image representation from the reference data; the sparse image representation of the target data being a linear combination of reference data from corresponding reference subimages stored in the at least one memory; the at least one processor operating to compare the target image to the sparse image representation and to match signatures from the target image to the sparse image representation to register the images and perform change detection.

Nguyen, Lam Huy; Tran, Trac D.
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IT and Software
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1,169 days
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