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n- and p-channel field effect transistors with single quantum well for complementary circuits

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A complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) device in which a single InxGa1-xSb quantum well serves as both an n-channel and a p-channel in the same device and a method for making the same. The InxGa1-xSb layer is part of a heterostructure that includes a Te-delta doped AlyGa1-ySb layer above the InxGa1-xSb layer on a portion of the structure. The portion of the structure without the Te-delta doped AlyGa1-ySb barrier layer can be fabricated into a p-FET by the use of appropriate source, gate, and drain terminals, and the portion of the structure retaining the Te-delta doped AlyGa1-ySb layer can be fabricated into an n-FET so that the structure forms a CMOS device, wherein the single InxGa1-xSb quantum well serves as the transport channel for both the n-FET portion and the p-FET portion of the heterostructure.

Bennett, Brian R.; Boos, John Bradley; Ancona, Mario; Champlain, James G.; Papanicolaou, Nicolas A.
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Materials and Coatings
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382 days
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