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System and method for converting source image data to tile data

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System and method for converting source image data to tile data by (a) selecting a source image set, (b) computing a scaling value for the source image set, (c) selecting a base scale for a tile set to be created based on the scaling value, (d) establishing the tile set geographic bounds of the tile set, (e) converting the tile set geographic bounds, (f) for each source image from each source image set (i) determining source image geographic bounds of the source image, (ii) if there is an intersection between the source image geographic bounds and the tile set geographic bounds, (1) loading the source image from a LRU cache, if possible, (2) if the source image is not in the LRU cache, loading the source image into the LRU cache, (3) extracting image data from the source image at the intersection, (4) scaling the image data based on the base scale, (5) storing the scaled image data to a tile storage mechanism, (g) clearing the LRU cache, and (h) repeating steps (a) through (g) for each source image set.

Sample, John T.; Ioup, Elias Z. K.
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IT and Software
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588 days
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