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Thermally oxidized seed layers for the production of {001} textured electrodes and PZT devices and method of making

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A method for forming an electrical device having a {100}-textured platinum electrode comprising: depositing a textured metal thin film onto a substrate; thermally oxidizing the metal thin film by annealing to convert it to a rocksalt structure oxide with a {100}-texture; depositing a platinum film layer; depositing a ferroelectric film. An electrical device comprising a substrate; a textured layer formed on the substrate comprising metal oxide having a rocksalt structure; a first electrode film layer having a crystallographic texture acting as a template; and at least one ferroelectric material layer exhibiting spontaneous polarization epitaxially deposited on the first electrode film layer whereby the rocksalt structure of the textured layer facilitates the growth of the first electrode film layer with a {100} orientation which forms a template for the epitaxial deposition of the ferroelectric layer such that the ferroelectric layer is formed with an {001} orientation.

Fox, Glen R.; Polcawich, Ronald G.; Potrepka, Daniel M.
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Materials and Coatings
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868 days
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