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Methods for robotic self-righting

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Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods of autonomously self-righting a maneuverable robot. In one embodiment, an autonomous method for self-righting a maneuverable robot to affect recovery from an overturned state to its nominal upright configuration may include: defining a convex hull and center of mass of each link of the robot; determining the convex hull and overall robot center of mass for each joint configuration of the robot; analyzing each convex hull face to determine its stability or instability; grouping continuously stable orientations of the robot and joint configurations together defining nodes and transitions there between; assigning a cost to transitions between nodes; computing an overall cost for each potential set of transition costs resulting in achievement of the goal; and determining a sequence of one or more actions to self-right the robot such that the sequence of actions minimizes the overall cost of self-righting the robot.

Kessens, Chad C.; Smith, Daniel C.
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Control Systems
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725 days
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